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The Boston-Area FileMaker Developers Association (BAFDA) is an open member group that brings together FileMaker professionals from throughout New England to meet as peers and explore topics of interest to them, both technical and business. BAFDA was launched in October 2004.

BAFDA holds open meetings quarterly for developers to learn, share, and network.

The next meeting is:

Special Event: Northeast FileMaker User Groups Joint Meeting
Thursday, May 4, 2023

May the Fourth be with you! At this month's meeting we'll join other developer groups from across the Northeast for a special presentation from Claris:

  • Claris Product Team Presents - the Claris Product Team will present what's new in Claris, including new updates coming down the pipeline, and will answer your questions on these new features.
  • Because this month's meeting is a special combined meetup of all Northeast FileMaker Developer Groups, we won't have our usual forum for meet-and-greet etc. But you'll meet some fellow developers from beyond our group!

When: Thursday, May 4, 2023 3-4:30 pm

This meeting will be online (Zoom) only. To access the meeting, send a request, and he'll send you the Zoom invite.



BAFDA is a peer group for intermediate and advanced FileMaker developers and other FileMaker professionals, providing a forum in which they can share with – and learn from – each other. A typical BAFDA member might be a current or potential FileMaker Community or Business Alliance member, or Certified FileMaker Developer (though these are certainly not requirements for membership).

The meeting content and on-line discussions reflect this orientation: presentations and discussions are pitched to mid-to-expert developers rather than complete novices – with the recognition, of course, that an expert in one area may be a novice in another.

BAFDA is thus not a general "user group", though no one is excluded. In fact, there are no membership requirements, fees, or dues. But you do have to attend at least one meeting.


Originally, the group generally met the second Thursday of each month, but in recent years meetings are held on a more ad hoc basis (though still typically Thursday afternoons), and are now targeted as quarterly. The meetings are designed to facilitate the exchange of technical information, present discussions of timely topics (technical and business), and provide opportunities for networking. Members receive an email reminder with directions and other information about a week before each meeting.

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For further information about BAFDA, contact the coordinator, Kevin Cunningham, at