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We've worked on dozens of solutions for many customers.

The following table lists some of the development efforts that involved FileMaker technology, which often had both a desktop component and a web interface.

Application Area FileMaker-Based Project
Organizational Support
  • staff listing system
  • staff vacation tracker
  • project tracker
  • business service listings
People Tracking Systems
  • client management systems
  • membership application/tracking database (e.g., IT Partners)
  • volunteer application/tracking database
  • student advisor tracking system
Business-Specific Solutions
  • media asset tracking system
  • rights management system
  • DocuSign (electronic signature) integration
  • clinical normative assessment system
  • medical records system
  • patient charting/tracking systems
  • survey system
  • daycare center listings
  • student discipline data repository (highly sensitive information)
  • retirement administration system
  • museum image database
  • awards allocation database
  • editorial management / document distribution system
Training/Event Administration
  • training registration system
  • room reservation system
  • facility use logging system
  • event listing system
Software Product Support
  • product support listings
  • "stock answer" (FAQ) system
  • article/publication listings
  • IT user group meeting listings
  • IT news system

For information about these and other projects (e.g., business process analysis, web site development, computer training, etc.), please contact us. We have extensive experience breaking new ground in web development and professional training.

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